In 1992 and in their book "Forty years of vitolfilia in Spain", their author, Don Manuel López Rodríguez said: "The current president of A.V.E. (Spanish Association of Cigar Bands Collectors), referred to Giménez Caballero, he has a record vitolfílico that can be qualified as the most complete in all the Spanish cigar bands collectors, at least this way it comes off of my personal file. I ignore if their collection is today the most important, it is possibly, but it is not that its fundamental facet; the most important thing is the knowledge that it possesses, fruit of the study, of the dedication without measure and of the experience."

Don Jorge Pérez-Chacón y Rodríguez De Molina had in one of his forewords for the Catalog of Men Portraits of Cuba and Mexico  marks, a good part of the history of this famous one of the vitolfilia:

"Florencio began to collect when it counted 17 years, for two later, in 1950, to begin, with full seriousness and vigor one of the most important collections possibly the most complete in the world that exists of vitolas, cigar labels and "marquillas" in our days.
 He has delighted with more than 25 books and catalogs it has more than enough vitolfilia, it is considered, for own merits, as brilliant technician and vitolas and cigar labels appraiser of international recognition.

Fifteen years like directive of the A.V.E.(Spanish Association of Cigar Bands Collectors), secretary, director of the magazine and president. More than twelve years like President of the Cigar Bands Collectors Group of Madrid, and nominated in 1979, unanimously, in Ordinary General Assembly of associated to the A.V.E.(Spanish Association of Cigar Bands Collectors), President of Honor.

Guest in three occasions for the Cuba Government in recognition, so much to his phenomenal collection as to his technical knowledge, he appraised the cigar bands stock and litographs that Coprefil had stored with the idea of giving him exit toward the collectors.
 The importance of its collection transcended beyond our frontiers, some of its incunabular pieces, you have justified several TV programs engravings for Japan and Spain."